• VBox TV Gateway

    The VBox TV Gateway is a revolutionary device, it sits on your home network and streams your favorite TV channels to your connected devices. Without using your bandwidth or data plan. Simply plug your aerial UHF Freeview antenna or Freesat dish directly to the V@Home to watch and record free multiple channels, across your home and devices. Eliminating the need for dedicated Set-Top-Boxes or multiple antenna cable runs for each device.

  • Symbiote Computers

    Computers for your office, desk, or living room.

  • Phones, Tablets, IOT...
  • Voice & Data

    The Worlds First Roam Free Mobile Service

      • • Alias local numbers to your mobile for contact locally

      • • Unlimited roll over – No expiry Mobile data, at home or while roaming

      • • No mobile roaming fees • Pay only what you use • Mobile Data is billed to the kb

      • • Take the same Mobile Data with you wherever you go

    • • LevelizedPay - Price Average billing option

  • Home Security
  • Data Center Services

    Adonis Technology has deployed data centers around the world with high performance hardware that provide real-time on demand scalable space, cpu, ram and network. With today’s security risks, cloud security is something we take seriously and we have designed our network to satisfy demanding regulatory standards.

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