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Ondemand: Introduction to Law Practice
  • Ondemand: Introduction to Law Practice
  • Ondemand: Introduction to Law Practice

Ondemand: Introduction to Law Practice


Introduction to Law Practice

The course is designed to prepare and hone your move to practice with the right tools and best practices.

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A 2 hour webinar designed to provide lawyers with the fundamental tools and strategies needed to thrive as a law firm in todays environment. From understanding the inner workings of law firms to honing communication skills and mastering time management techniques, this session will equip you with actionable insights to excel in your legal career.


Topic 1: Inside the Law Firm

  1. Exploring the structure and culture of law firms
  2. Differentiating between practice areas and firm types
  3. Understanding the core values that drive success in law firms

Topic 2: Communication Mastery

  1. Gaining and keeping clients
  2. Developing effective communication skills for legal practice
  3. Tips for successful client interactions and negotiations

Topic 3: Time Management Secrets

  1. Prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines effectively
  2. Leveraging technology to streamline workflow
  3. Maintaining work-life balance and managing stress

Topic 4: Client Relations Excellence

  1. Building strong relationships with clients
  2. Anticipating and meeting client needs
  3. Providing exceptional client service for long-term success

Topic 5: Financial Know-How

  1. Understanding law firm billing practices and fee structures
  2. Budgeting and financial planning for law firm operations
  3. Maximizing profitability while maintaining ethical standards

Topic 6: Collaborating does not mean loss of client

  1. Inclusion of external lawyers in your the legal practice
  2. Keeping them clear on the approach
  3. Managing client expectations to retain the client relationship

 Topic 7: Transitioning to Law Firm Life (15 minutes)

  1. Strategies for a smooth transition from law firm to sole practice
  2. Establishing a professional brand and network
  3. Setting yourself up for success in the early stages of your legal career
  4. Regulatory compliance, the basics


Join us for this power-packed webinar to gain essential insights and practical tips for mastering law firm essentials. Whether you're already in sole practice, or thinking of starting out, this session will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the competitive world of legal practice.